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Atomic, Molecular, Optical and Plasma Physics

EPJ H Special Issue: History for Physics: Contextualizing modern developments in the foundations of quantum theory

Submissions are invited for a special issue of EPJ H on "History for Physics: Contextualizing modern developments in the foundations of quantum theory".

The aim of this special issue is to create an opportunity for mutually beneficial collaboration between professional historians of physics and active researchers in physics by welcoming submissions of "tandem papers". A tandem paper jointly features two parts; a part written by a historian of physics and a part written by a physicist. Both of these parts are supposed to treat one and the same aspect of a foundational issue involving quantum theory in a broad sense. In their respective parts, each author treats this aspect from their own respective perspective: The physicist contributes to the description of the state of the art of an open problem or debated phenomenon related to quantum physics, whereas the historian provides an appropriate historical account related to this actual case. The two parts, when being joined, should in particular present a form of togetherness. However, the precise shaping and proportioning of the parts are left to the authors. The responsible guest editors for this special issue offer help in finding matching co-authors for a tandem paper.


A. Beige, J. Burgdörfer and S. Ptasinska
I'm specially delighted in the high quality work of the referees in revising my article which gave me a good impression about the journal and its quality. I will most certainly consider this journal as one of the major options when I need to publish the results of my research.

Sanna Lehti

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