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Atomic, Molecular, Optical and Plasma Physics

EPJ D Topical Issue: Advances in Multi-Scale Modelling of Intense Electronic Excitation Processes

Guest Editors: Jorge Kohanoff, Antonio Rivera, Eduardo Oliva Gonzalo, Andrey V Solov'yov and Tzveta Apostolova

Processes occurring in a target after irradiation span many orders of magnitude in space and time, which makes them intractable within a single rigorous approach. Typically, only partial aspects related to the radiation-induced effects in matter are treated. The lack of a systematic methodology to simulate the underlying phenomena hinders advances in various fields, and poses challenges to theoreticians, simulators, and experimentalists. It is therefore important to tackle this problem from a multi-scale perspective. This is the realm of this Topical collection, published in the Eur. Phys. J. D (EJPD Topical collection), which includes articles covering a wide range of methods, namely TDDFT, time-dependent Schrödinger equation in one or two-electron approximation, radiation Monte Carlo, Boltzmann transport equation, radiation-hydrodynamics and ab initio and classical Molecular Dynamics.

In this collection, such mature methods and combinations of them in a multi-scale spirit are applied to the description of phenomena like laser induced non-equilibrium electron-hole plasmas, carrier-carrier scattering and electron-phonon coupling leading to modification and ablation of materials, plasma-based seeded X-ray lasers, high harmonic generation, electronic stopping, radioactive decay, optical energy deposition in air, formation of warm dense matter, and irradiation of interstellar ices. This topical collection contains 20 articles reporting recent developments and specific applications of combined and multi-scale modelling in the field of intense electronic excitation of matter. It combines original and review articles and is one of the outcomes of COST Action TUMIEE (CA17126).

A. Beige, J. Burgdörfer and S. Ptasinska
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