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The European Physical Journal
is expanding its scientific partnership

The Real Sociedad Española de Física strongly believes in the necessity to increase the links and cooperation among European physicists. To these ends, the RSEF has decided to cease the publication of its national journal, Anales de Física, and to join the European based journal, The European Physical Journal. The RSEF hopes that this will contribute to the increase of the cooperation and exchanges between European physicists.

Gerardo Delgado-Barrio and Eduardo Jorge Seabra

This is the first volume of EPJ published without topics of soft matter in EPJ B. Due to the rapid growth of this field and to the large number of submissions the editorial board of EPJ has decided to create a new section (EPJ E) entirely devoted to the physics and chemistry of soft matter as announced in editorials published in the December 1999 issues. This move should also contribute to improving the publication time for EPJ in 2000. Furthermore, the ever-growing interest of European scientists in the success of this European-based international journal has convinced the Spanish and Portuguese communities to join the scientific partnership of EPJ. We are pleased to welcome the Real Sociedad Española de Física and the Sociedade Portuguesa de Física to our venture as of 2000. As a result, both national journals, Anales de Física and Portugaliae Physica are going to cease publication. We hope that Spanish and Portuguese scientists will continue to show their support for European publications by submitting their manuscripts to The European Physical Journal from now on.

The Editors-in-Chief of

The European Physical Journal B, D and E


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