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Atomic, Molecular, Optical and Plasma Physics
Call for papers

Special issue dedicated to:
"Laser cooling and trapping, basic techniques and applications"

Laser Cooling and trapping is a field of research which has grown tremendously the last decade. This has been acknowledged for example with the 1997 Nobel prize in physics awarded to Steven Chu, Claude Cohen-Tannoudji and William Phillips. The observation of Bose-Einstein condensation in 1995 has fueled this development even further, leading to a whole new area of research.

The objective of the announced special issue is to highlight the current state of the art of research related to laser cooling and trapping, with a collection of original papers. We want to cover all subfields, including: new laser cooling mechanisms, atom traps, coherent manipulation of matter, optical lattices, Bose-Einstein condensation, ultra-cold collisions, atom optics, and applications such as optical tweezers and frequency standards.

Submissions should be made to the EPJ editorial office in Orsay. It should be clearly stated in the submission that the paper is intended for the special issue. All submissions will be reviewed in accordance with the normal review procedures of the journal.

Deadline for submission: October 31, 1998.

Guest editors: Massimo Inguscio, University of Florence, Florence, Italy; and Anders Kastberg, Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden.

G. Grynberg and I.V. Hertel

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