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Atomic, Molecular, Optical and Plasma Physics

The European Physical Journal D (EPJ D) : Accepted manuscripts

  • Second-order Born calculation of laser-assisted single ionization of helium by electrons
    Abdelkader Makhoute, Imane Ajana, Driss Khalil and Souhaila Chaddou
    Accepted: 21/05/2015
  • Differential distributions for the double photoionization of helium
    EVGENII DRUKAREV, Alexander Mikhailov and Vyacheslav Polikanov
    Accepted: 20/05/2015
  • A simple thermodynamic model of diluted hydrogen gas/plasma for CFD applications
    Luigi Quartapelle and A. Muzzio
    Accepted: 20/05/2015
  • Elastic scattering of low-energy electrons by CH3CN and CN3NC molecules
    Milton M Fujimoto, Erik V. R. de Lima and Jonathan Tennyson
    Accepted: 18/05/2015
  • Synthesis of flower-like tungsten nanoparticles by magnetron sputtering combined with gas aggregation
    Tomy Acsente, Raluca Florentina Negrea, Leona Cristina Nistor, Constantin Logofatu, Elena Matei, Ruxandra Birjega, Christian Grisolia and Gheorghe Dinescu
    Accepted: 18/05/2015
  • Manipulating entanglement against dissipation by pre- and post- measurements with initial system-environment correlations
    Yan Yan, Jian Zou, Chao-Quan Wang, Bao-Ming Xu, Hai Li and Bin Shao
    Accepted: 18/05/2015
  • Recent advances in the application of the Schwinger multichannel method with pseudopotentials to electron-molecule collisions
    Romarly F. da Costa, Marcio T. do N. Varella, Marcio H.F. Bettega and Marco A. P. Lima
    Accepted: 13/05/2015
  • Optical absorption spectra and structures of Ag+6 and Ag+8
    Armin Shayeghi, Daniel A. Gotz, R. L. Johnston and R. Schafer
    Accepted: 13/05/2015
  • Exact time-dependent pointer state in a Jaynes-Cummings model with intensity-dependent level shift
    Xin Zhang, Chang Xu and Zhongzhou Ren
    Accepted: 12/05/2015
  • Wiggler magnetic field assisted second harmonic generation in clusters
    Munish Aggarwal, Shivani Vij and Niti Kant
    Accepted: 11/05/2015
  • Relativistic R-matrix studies of photoionisation processes of Sc2+
    Hongbin Wang, Gang Jiang, Quanping Fan, Xiangfu Li and Jie Duan
    Accepted: 11/05/2015
  • Circular polarization of the Lyman-®1 line radiation emitted by longitudinally-polarized electron impact excitation: e®ects of Breit interaction and radiation multipoles
    Chen Zhan-Bin and Zeng Jiao-Long
    Accepted: 07/05/2015
  • Dielectronic recombination rate coefficients of initially rubidium-like tungsten
    Zhongwen Wu, Yizhao Zhang, Yanbiao Fu, Andrey Surzhykov, Stephan Fritzsche and Chenzhong Dong
    Accepted: 07/05/2015
  • Erratum to: Dissociative Excitation Study of Iron Pentacarbonyl Molecule
    Anita Ribar, Marian Danko, Juraj Országh, Filipe Ferreira da Silva, Ivo Utke and Stefan Matejcik
    Accepted: 06/05/2015
  • Soliton excitations and interactions for the three-coupled fourth-order nonlinear Schrodinger equations in the alpha helical proteins
    Wen-Rong Sun, B.o. Tian, Yu-Feng Wang and Hui-Ling Zhen
    Accepted: 05/05/2015
  • Simulations on the influence of the spatial distribution of source electrons on the plasma in a cusped-field thruster
    Tim Brandt, Frank Jansen, Claus Braxmaier, Rodion Groll, Ulrich Johann, Andreas Keller, Franz Hey, Holger Kersten and Thomas Trottenberg
    Accepted: 05/05/2015
  • Influences of Initial States of a Bath on the Dynamics of Central Spin
    Wen-Jian Yu, Bao-Ming Xu, Lin Li, Jian Zou, Hai Li and Shao Bin
    Accepted: 05/05/2015
    Fabio Carelli, Francesco Antonio Gianturco, Jan Franz and Mauro Satta
    Accepted: 04/05/2015
  • Preparation and transmission of diversified multi-particle entanglements with spatially separate cavities
    Peng Xu, Dong Wang, Liu Ye and Yang Yu
    Accepted: 24/04/2015
  • Confinement effects on an ultra-cold matter wave-packet by a square well impurity near the de-localization threshold: Analytic solutions, scaling, and width properties
    Ricardo Méndez-Fragoso and Remigio Cabrera-Trujillo
    Accepted: 23/04/2015
  • Spin-orbit-coupled Bose-Einstein condensates in a circular box
    Yu-Zhu Chen and M.i. Xie
    Accepted: 22/04/2015
  • Deposition and Characterization of Organic Polymer Thin Films using a Dielectric Barrier Discharge with Different C2Hm/N2 (m = 2, 4, 6) Gas Mixtures
    Thejaswini Halethimmanahally Chandrashekaraiah, Robert Bogdanowicz, Vladimir Danilov, Jan Schäfer, Jürgen Meichsner and Rainer Hippler
    Accepted: 21/04/2015
  • On the response function of simple metal clusters
    J. Holler, E. Krotscheck and Éric Suraud
    Accepted: 20/04/2015
  • Control of the carrier-envelope-phase effect in the transmitted spectra in quantum wells via terahertz waves
    Chaojin Zhang and Chengpu Liu
    Accepted: 16/04/2015
  • A sensitive and accurate atomic magnetometer based on free spin precession
    Zoran D. Grujić, Peter A. Koss, Georg Bison and Antoine Weis
    Accepted: 13/04/2015
  • Radio- and photosensitization of DNA with compounds containing platinum and bromine atoms
    Malgorzata A. Smialek, Sylwia Ptasinska, Jason Gow, Soren Vronning Hoffmann and Nigel J. Mason
    Accepted: 08/04/2015
  • An indirect measurement protocol of intracavity mode quadratures dispersion in Dynamical Casimir Effect
    Alexander Trifanov, Ekaterina Trifanova and Miroshnichenko George
    Accepted: 31/03/2015
  • Three-body treatment of the Z-dependence for excitation cross sections in A^q++H(1s) collisions; excitation from the ground to the 2s and 3s states
    Reza Fathi, Faridah Shojaei Akbarabadi, Mohammad A. Bolorizadeh and Michael J. Brunger
    Accepted: 25/02/2015
V. Buzek, H. Kersten and A.V. Solov'yov
I'm specially delighted in the high quality work of the referees in revising my article which gave me a good impression about the journal and its quality. I will most certainly consider this journal as one of the major options when I need to publish the results of my research.

Sanna Lehti

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