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Atomic, Molecular, Optical and Plasma Physics

The European Physical Journal D (EPJ D) : Accepted manuscripts

  • Energy-Conserving Numerical Simulations of Electron Holes in Two-Species Plasmas
    Yingda Cheng, Andrew J. Christlieb and Xinghui Zhong
    Accepted: 26/01/2015
  • Comparison between the numerical solutions and the Thomas-Fermi approximation for atomic-molecular Bose-Einstein condensates
    L. S. F. Santos, M. O. C. Pires and Davi Giugno
    Accepted: 26/01/2015
  • Canonical quantization of electromagnetic field in the presence of absorbing bi-anisotropic multilayer magnetodielectric media
    Majid Amooshahi
    Accepted: 23/01/2015
  • Efficient production of an 87Rb F = 2, mF = 2 Bose-Einstein condensate in a hybrid trap
    Hari Prasad Mishra, Adonis Silva Flores, Wim Vassen and Steven Knoop
    Accepted: 21/01/2015
  • Non-adiabatic holonomic manipulation of polariton qubit in circuit QED
    Zheng-Yuan Xue, Wei-Can Yu, Li-Na Yang and Yong Hu
    Accepted: 20/01/2015
  • Decay of a finite-sized transient photoplasma in an electrostatic field
    Biswajit Jana, Abhinandan Majumder, Kiran B. Thakur and Ashoka K. Das
    Accepted: 20/01/2015
  • Bistability effect in the extreme strong coupling regime of the Jaynes-Cummings model
    András Dombi, András Vukics and Peter Domokos
    Accepted: 16/01/2015
  • Electron Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence: Universal Features
    Bhimsen K. Shivamoggi
    Accepted: 16/01/2015
  • Criteria for non-k-separability of n-partite quantum states
    N. Ananth, V. K. Chandrasekar and Murugaian Senthilvelan
    Accepted: 15/01/2015
  • Stable geometries and magnetic properties of neutral Sn$_{x+1}$ and FeSn$_x$ ($x \le 8$) clusters
    Juan Martin* Montejano-Carrizales, Pedro Gilberto Alvarado Leyva, Elisa Marina Sosa Hern\'andez and Faustino Aguilera-Granja
    Accepted: 15/01/2015
  • Extensive ab initio calculation on low-lying excited states of SiN+ cation including Spin-Orbit Coupling
    Liu Yufang, Zhai Hongsheng and Liu Yanlei
    Accepted: 14/01/2015
  • Internal structure and positron annihilation in the four-body MuPs system
    Alexei M. Frolov
    Accepted: 14/01/2015
  • Multiplasmon excitations in electron spectra of small systems irradiated by swift charged projectiles
    Phuong Mai Dinh, Paul-Gerhard Reinhard, Eric Suraud and Philipp Wopperer
    Accepted: 09/01/2015
  • Realization of high irradiation uniformity for direct drive ICF at the SG-III prototype laser facility
    Chao Tian, Lianqiang Shan, B.o. Zhang, Weimin Zhou, Dongxiao Liu, B.i. Bi, Feng Zhang, Weiwu Wang, Baohan Zhang and Yuqiu Gu
    Accepted: 09/01/2015
  • Goos-Hanchen shifts of Helmholtz solitons at nonlocal nonlinear interfaces
    Shi Zhiwei, Xue Jing, Chen Jilong, L.i. Yang and L.i. Huagang
    Accepted: 05/01/2015
  • Soliton collisions and integrable aspects of the fifth-order Korteweg-de Vries equation for shallow water with surface tension
    Wen-Rong Sun, Wen-Rui Shan, Yan Jiang, Pan Wang and B.o. Tian
    Accepted: 22/12/2014
  • Measures for the non-Markovianity of a harmonic oscillator coupled to a discrete bath derived from numerically exact references
    Ulf Lorenz and Peter Saalfrank
    Accepted: 17/12/2014
  • Quantum Phase Diagram for Bosonic triangular Superlattice system
    tao wang, Gui-Xin Tang and Chun-Feng Hou
    Accepted: 16/12/2014
  • Switchable discrete cavity solitons in 2D waveguide structure with defect
    Bahareh Haddadpour Khiaban, Keivan. M. Aghdami and Reza Kheradmand
    Accepted: 15/12/2014
  • The quantum optical description of three experiments involving non-linear optics using a graphical method
    Stefan Ataman
    Accepted: 12/12/2014
  • Investigation of quantum coherence effects in a multilevel atom induced by three laser fields
    Saswati Dey, Nilanjan Aich, Chanchal Chaudhuri and Biswajit Ray
    Accepted: 10/12/2014
  • Numerical Study of the Dispersion Characteristics of a Semi-Circularly Corrugated Slow Wave Structure
    Md. Ghulam Saber, Rakibul Hasan Sagor and Md. Ruhul Amin
    Accepted: 05/12/2014
  • Modal approach of photon correlations in lattices of coupled waveguides
    Christophe Minot, Jean-Marie Moison, Alexios Beveratos, Isabelle Robert-Philip and Nadia Belabas
    Accepted: 05/12/2014
    Alexander Pushkarev, Yulia Isakova and Iliya Khailov
    Accepted: 03/12/2014
  • Control of coherence in a ladder type system with Double Resonance Optical Pumping and Electromagnetically Induced Transparency
    Md. Sabir Ali, Ayan Ray and Alok Chakrabarti
    Accepted: 27/11/2014
  • Experimental (e,2e) study of state-to-state interference between autoionizing states of He
    Béla Paripás, Béla Palásthy and Gábor Pszota
    Accepted: 27/11/2014
  • Ultrafast laser irradiation of spherical nanoparticles: molecular-dynamics results on fragmentation and small-angle scattering
    Riser Fahdiran and Herbert M. Urbassek
    Accepted: 26/11/2014
  • An alternative approach to the construction of Schur-Weyl transform
    Paweł Jakubczyk, Yevgen Kravets and Dorota Jakubczyk
    Accepted: 26/11/2014
  • Size dependence of simulated optical properties for Cu nanocubes
    Yan Deng, Hai Ming, Guohong Liu and Hongfei Shi
    Accepted: 19/11/2014
  • Cross sections for electron capture and excitation in proton collisions with the metastable Be(2s2p^3P) atom
    Dragan Jakimovski and Ratko K. Janev
    Accepted: 17/11/2014
  • Study of implosion dynamics of Z-pinch dynamic hohlraum on the Angara-5-1 facility
    F.a. Qiang Zhang, Rong-Kun Xu, Z.e. Ping Xu, Jian Lun Yang, Zheng Hong Li, Guang Xin Xia, Jia Min Ning, Lin Bo Li, Ding Yang Chen and Jin Chuan Chen
    Accepted: 14/11/2014
V. Buzek, H. Kersten and A.V. Solov'yov
It was my pleasure to be given the opportunity of being helpful in the scientific production process of EPJD. I enjoyed the experience as a referee for the journal: it was instructive, and its procedures were clear and simple. You can certainly count on my assistance for future similar appointments.

Luca Argenti

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