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Atomic, Molecular, Optical and Plasma Physics

The European Physical Journal D (EPJ D) : Forthcoming

  • Double differential Electron Emission from N$_2$ under Impact of Fast C$^{6+}$ Ions and Young-type Interference
    Saikat Nandi, Shubhadeep Biswas, Carmen A. Tachino, Roberto D. Rivarola and Lokesh C. Tribedi
    Accepted: 02/07/2015
  • Analysis of the Thermonuclear Instability including Low-Power ICRH Minority Heating in IGNITOR
    Alessandro Cardinali and Giorgio Sonnino
    Accepted: 02/07/2015
  • Rare reaction channels in real-time time-dependent density functional theory: the test case of electron attachment
    Lionel Lacombe, Phuong Mai Dinh, Paul-Gerhard Reinhard, Eric Suraud and Leon Sanche
    Accepted: 02/07/2015
  • Transport of secondary electrons and reactive species in ion tracks
    Eugene Surdutovich and Andrey Solov'yov
    Accepted: 30/06/2015
  • Solitonic, periodic, quasiperiodic and chaotic structures of dust ion acoustic waves in nonextensive dusty plasmas
    Asit Saha and Prasanta Chatterjee
    Accepted: 29/06/2015
  • Non-classical effects in cavity QED containing a nonlinear optical medium and a quantum well: Entanglement and non-Gaussanity
    A.-B. A. Mohamed and H. Eleuch
    Accepted: 24/06/2015
  • Evaluation of photoexcitation and photoionization probabilities by the trajectory method
    Alexander B. Bichkov and Valery V. Smirnov
    Accepted: 23/06/2015
    Pedro Arce, A. Muñoz, M. Moraleda, J.M. Gómez Ros, F. Blanco, J. M. Perez and G. García
    Accepted: 22/06/2015
  • The quantum optical description of a Fabry-Perot interferometer and the prediction of an antibunching effect
    Stefan Ataman
    Accepted: 22/06/2015
  • Double photoionization of helium: a Generalized Sturmian approach
    Juan M. Randazzo, Darío Mitnik, Gustavo Gasaneo, Lorenzo U. Ancarani and Flavio D. Colavecchia
    Accepted: 22/06/2015
  • Spatiotemporal wave-train instabilities in nonlinear Schrödinger equation: revisited
    Saliya Coulibaly, Eric Louvergneaux, Majid Taki and Léo Brevdo
    Accepted: 18/06/2015
  • Adsorption of gases from SF6 decomposition on aluminum-doped SWCNTs: a density functional theory study
    Xiaoxing Zhang, Yingang Gui and Ziqiang Dai
    Accepted: 17/06/2015
  • PT Symmetric Floquet Topological Phase
    Cem Yuce
    Accepted: 16/06/2015
  • Generation of entanglement in electro-mechanical systems: two micro-mechanical resonators coupled to a Transmission-line resonator
    J. Jalali, M. Soltani, Rashedi, Ebrahim Azizi and Hamed Ezatabadipour
    Accepted: 16/06/2015
  • Collision of atoms with porous polymer surface: evidence of influence of bulk diffusion on anomalously long dwell time of Rb atoms
    Sergey Nikitich Atutov, Fedor Anatolevich Benimetsky and Alexander Ivanovich Plekhanov
    Accepted: 15/06/2015
  • Quantum tunneling and entanglement of dipolar spin-1 bosons in double well potentials
    Yixiao Huang, Xiaoqian Wang, Zhe Sun and Xiaoguang Wang
    Accepted: 15/06/2015
  • How many orthonormal bases are needed to distinguish all pure quantum states?
    Claudio Carmeli, Teiko Heinosaari, Jussi Schutz and Alessandro Toigo
    Accepted: 12/06/2015
  • Quantum description of a rotating and vibrating molecule
    Sylvain D. Brechet, Francois A. Reuse, Klaus Maschke and Jean-Philippe Ansermet
    Accepted: 12/06/2015
  • On the use of additivity rules to estimate electron production cross sections in proton-biomolecule collisions.
    Sergio Paredes, Clara Illescas and Luis Méndez
    Accepted: 11/06/2015
  • Structural and Mechanic Properties of RFeO3 with R = Y, Eu and La perovskites: A First-Principles Calculation.
    Romero Martin, Raúl Escamilla, Vivianne Marquina and Raúl Gomez
    Accepted: 10/06/2015
  • Photoexcitation and ionization of hydrogen atom confined in Debye environment
    Sonia Lumb, Shalini Lumb and Vinod Nautiyal
    Accepted: 09/06/2015
  • Internuclear interaction and distortion effects on fully differential cross section for single ionization of helium by 100 MeV/amu C6+ impact
    Wenfang An, Chenwen Lu, Shiyan Sun and Xiangfu Jia
    Accepted: 08/06/2015
  • On the reflection symmetries of atoms and diatomic molecules: derivation of $\Sigma^{+}$ and $\Sigma^{-}$ states in terms of the united atom and electron configuration
    Koichiro Yamakawa and Katsuyuki Fukutani
    Accepted: 08/06/2015
  • Electron impact fragmentation of adenine: partial ionization cross sections for positive fragments
    Peter J. M. van der Burgt, Sinead Finnegan and Sam Eden
    Accepted: 05/06/2015
  • Entanglement and quantum discord creation in different setups of a one-dimensional scattering experiment
    Ebrahim Ghanbari-Adivi, Morteza Soltani and Mozhdeh Najafabadi Sheikhali
    Accepted: 04/06/2015
  • Soliton Beam Dynamics in Parity- Time Symmetric Nonlinear Coupler
    Aysha Muhsina K and Subha P A
    Accepted: 03/06/2015
  • Elementary processes with atoms and molecules in isolated and aggregated states
    F. Aumayr, K.H. Becker, B. Marinkovic, Stefan Matejcik and J. Tanis
    Accepted: 29/05/2015
  • Ion appearance energies at electron-impact dissociative ionization of sulfur hexafluoride molecule and its fragments
    Shandor Sh. Demesh and Eugene Yu. Remeta
    Accepted: 29/05/2015
  • Radio- and photosensitization of DNA with compounds containing platinum and bromine atoms
    Malgorzata A. Smialek, Sylwia Ptasinska, Jason Gow, Soren Vronning Hoffmann and Nigel J. Mason
    Accepted: 08/04/2015
  • Three-body treatment of the Z-dependence for excitation cross sections in A^q++H(1s) collisions; excitation from the ground to the 2s and 3s states
    Reza Fathi, Faridah Shojaei Akbarabadi, Mohammad A. Bolorizadeh and Michael J. Brunger
    Accepted: 25/02/2015
V. Buzek, H. Kersten and A.V. Solov'yov
It was my pleasure to be given the opportunity of being helpful in the scientific production process of EPJD. I enjoyed the experience as a referee for the journal: it was instructive, and its procedures were clear and simple. You can certainly count on my assistance for future similar appointments.

Luca Argenti

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