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Atomic, Molecular, Optical and Plasma Physics

The European Physical Journal D (EPJ D) : Forthcoming

  • Internal consistency in the close-coupling approach to positron collisions with atoms
    I. Bray, J. J. Bailey, D. V. Fursa, A. S. Kadyrov and R. Utamuratov
    Accepted: 24/11/2015
  • The Countermeasures against the Blinding Attack in Quantum Key Distribution
    jindong wang,hong wang, xiaojuan qin, zhengjun wei and zhiming zhang
    Accepted: 19/11/2015
  • Enhancing field-free molecular alignment by a polynomial phase modulation
    Yunxia Huang, Shuwu Xu, Yunhua Yao, Tianqing Jia, Shian Zhang and Zhenrong Sun
    Accepted: 18/11/2015
  • Invertible condition of quantum Fisher information matrix for a mixed qubit
    Ping Yue, L.i. Ge and Qiang Zheng
    Accepted: 18/11/2015
  • Scaled-energy Spectroscopy for Alkali-earth Rydberg Atom in External Fields
    Shanshan Zhang, Hong Cheng, Wei Gao and Hongping Liu
    Accepted: 18/11/2015
  • Modal properties of novel hybrid plasmonic waveguide consisting of two identical dielectric nanotubes symmetrically placed on both sides of a thin metal film
    Jinping Tian and Miao Sun
    Accepted: 17/11/2015
  • Three dimensional dynamic study of a metal halide thallium iodine discharge plasma powered by a sinusoidal and square signal
    Mohamed Bechir Ben Hamida and Kamel Charrada
    Accepted: 16/11/2015
  • Double-pulse induced harmonic generation in laser-produced plasmas
    Rashid A. Ganeev, Masayuki Suzuki, Shin Yoneya and Hiroto Kuroda
    Accepted: 16/11/2015
  • Discharge processes and an electrical model of atmospheric pressure plasma jets in argon
    Zhi Fang, Tao Shao, Jing Yang and Cheng Zhang
    Accepted: 13/11/2015
  • Transition Dipole Function and Radiative Lifetimes for the A and C 1+ States of the LiH Molecule
    Hamid Berriche and F. X. Gadea
    Accepted: 12/11/2015
  • Gain-assisted superluminal light propagation through a Bose-Einstein condensate cavity system
    S. Hamide Kazemi, Saeed Ghanbari and Mohammad Mahmoudi
    Accepted: 12/11/2015
  • Velocity-selected magnetic guiding of Zeeman-decelerated hydrogen atoms
    Katrin Dulitz and Timothy P. Softley
    Accepted: 09/11/2015
  • Shannon entropy as an indicator of atomic avoided crossings for Rydberg potassium atoms interacting with a static electric field
    yong lin he, Yan Chen, Jiu Ning Han, Zhi Bin Zhu, Geng Xiang Xiang, Huai Dong Liu, Bao Hong Ma and D.e. Chun He
    Accepted: 09/11/2015
  • Generalized mean-eld approach to simulate the dynamics of large open spin ensembles with long range interactions
    Sebastian Krämer and Helmut Ritsch
    Accepted: 04/11/2015
  • Enantiospecific Adsorption of Cysteine on a Chiral Au34 Cluster
    J. Jesus Pelayo, Israel Valencia, Gabriela Diaz, Xochitl Lopez-Lozano and Ignacio L. Garzon
    Accepted: 04/11/2015
  • Controlling instability and phase hops of a kicked two-level ion in Lamb-Dicke regime
    Hao Chen, Jintao Tan, Kuo Hai, Xili Zhang and Wenhua Hai
    Accepted: 04/11/2015
  • TLD efficiency calculations for heavy ions: an analytical approach
    Daria Boscolo, Emanuele Scifoni, Antonio Carlino, Chiara La Tessa, Thomas Berger, Marco Durante, Valeria Rosso and Michael Kraemer
    Accepted: 04/11/2015
  • Theoretical study of true-muonium $¥boldsymbol{¥mu^+¥mu^-}$ formation in muon collision processes $¥boldsymbol{¥mu^-+¥mu^+e^-}$ and $¥boldsymbol{¥mu^++p¥mu^-}$
    Kazuhiro Sakimoto
    Accepted: 02/11/2015
  • Theoretical Calculation of Vibrational spectra of Metalloporphrins
    Karumuri Srinivasa Rao
    Accepted: 30/10/2015
  • Oscillatory characteristics of metallic nanoparticles inside lipid nanotubes
    Fatemeh Sadeghi, Reza Ansari and Mansour Darvizeh
    Accepted: 30/10/2015
  • Sudden perturbation approximations for interaction of atoms with intense ultrashort electromagnetic pulses
    Andrey V. Lugovskoy and Igor Bray
    Accepted: 28/10/2015
  • Time and species dependent ambient air's effects on carbon clusters generated during femtosecond laser ablation of highly oriented pyrolytic graphite
    Wenxia Bao, Nan Zhang, Peipei Feng, Han Wu and Xiaonong Zhu
    Accepted: 28/10/2015
  • Sodium doping and reactivity in pure and mixed ice nanoparticles
    Jozef Lengyel, Andriy Pysanenko, Peter Rubovic and Michal Farnik
    Accepted: 28/10/2015
  • More Communication with Less Entanglement
    Pankaj Agrawal, Satyabrata Adhikari and Sumit Nandi
    Accepted: 27/10/2015
  • Entangler and analyzer for four-photon $\chi$-type entangled states
    Meiyu Wang and Fengli Yan
    Accepted: 26/10/2015
  • Correlation of optical reflectivity with numerical calculations for a two-dimensional photonic crystal designed in Ge
    Marius Adrian Husanu, Dana Georgeta Popescu, Constantin Paul Ganea, Iulia Anghel and Camelia Florica
    Accepted: 26/10/2015
  • Localized spin excitations in a disordered antiferromagnetic chain with biquadratic interactions
    C. Christal Vasanthi and M.M. Latha
    Accepted: 21/10/2015
  • Association of Amino Acids Embedded in Helium Droplets Detected by Mass Spectrometry
    Matthieu R. Lalanne, Georg Achazi, Sebastian Reichwald and Albrecht Lindinger
    Accepted: 16/10/2015
  • Double Electromagnetically Induced Transparency medium for Quantum Lithography beyond diffraction limit
    Amitabh Joshi and Kariman I. Osman
    Accepted: 15/10/2015
    Jon Imanol Apiñaniz, Alvaro Peralta Conde and Roberto Martinez Perez de Mendiola
    Accepted: 14/10/2015
  • Weak measurement combined with quantum delayed-choice experiment and implementation in optomechanical system
    Gang Li, Tao Wang, Ming-Yong Ye and He-Shan Song
    Accepted: 14/10/2015
  • Anapole moment of a chiral molecule revisited
    Takeshi Fukuyama, Takamasa Momose and Daisuke Nomura
    Accepted: 14/10/2015
  • Formation of infrared solitons in graphene ensemble under Raman excitation
    Chunling Ding, Rong Yu, Xiaoxue Yang, Duo Zhang and Mingju Huang
    Accepted: 14/10/2015
  • Investigation of the intrinsic sensitivity of a 3He/Cs magnetometer
    Hans-Christian Koch, Georg Bison, Zoran Grujic, Werner Heil, Malgorzata Kasprzak, Paul Knowles, Andreas Kraft, Anatoly Pazgalev, Allard Schnabel, Jens Voigt and Antoine Weis
    Accepted: 12/10/2015
  • Tunable all-optical gates in 2D discrete cavity solitons with local defect
    Reza Kheradmand, Keivan M. Aghdami and Bahareh Haddadpour Khiaban
    Accepted: 05/10/2015
  • Training Schr\"odinger's cat: quantum optimal control: Strategic report on current status, visions and goals for research in Europe
    Steffem J. Glaser, Ugo Boscain, Tommaso Calarco, Christiane P. Koch and Walter K\
    Accepted: 25/09/2015
  • Sub-Planck structure in a mixed state
    Asmita Kumari, Alok Kumar Pan and Prasanta K Panigrahi
    Accepted: 23/09/2015
  • Radio- and photosensitization of DNA with compounds containing platinum and bromine atoms
    Malgorzata A. Smialek, Sylwia Ptasinska, Jason Gow, Soren Vronning Hoffmann and Nigel J. Mason
    Accepted: 08/04/2015
V. Buzek, H. Kersten and A.V. Solov'yov
Thank you very much for the super-efficient handling of my manuscript.

Xin Zhang

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